Master Meeting Agenda

Master Board of Trustee’s Meeting Agenda

Date:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018

9:00 a.m.  Sky Mountain Clubhouse



  1. Confirmation of Quorum
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Open Forum

Please Note: In order to be considerate of everyone attending the meeting and to more closely follow the published agenda, comments will be limited to 2 minutes per person per item.  Repetitious commentary will not be allowed.



  1. Architectural Report
    1. Applications approved since last meeting



  1. Community Manager’s Report
    1. A/R Update
    2. Pool Security Discussion
    3. RV Lot



  1. President’s Report-



  1. Secretary’s Report-Sandy Boley


  1. Treasurer’s Report-Marilyn Nelson



  1. Committee Updates

Clubhouse Committee-Sandy Boley-

                    Committee request for expenditure of garage sale/bake sale proceeds

Neighborhood Watch-Glen Moore-

Social committee-Craig Kendell-


  1. Homeowners Issues


  1. Golf Estates Report


  1. Old Business


  1. New Business


  1. Next meeting Time and Date

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