GE Meeting Agendas

Golf Estates Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

Friday, February 21, 2020  9:30 a.m.   

Sky Mountain Clubhouse




  1. Welcome & Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Confirmation of Quorum


  1. Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting


  1. Open Forum


 Please Note: In order to be considerate of everyone attending the meeting and to more closely follow the published agenda, comments will be limited to 2 minutes per person per item. A spokesperson representing a group to summarize their concerns will be allowed 5 minutes to speak.  Repetitious commentary will not be allowed.



  1. President’s Report


  1. Community Manager’s Report
    1. A/R Report
    2. Trustee Obligation Update
    3. RV Lot Golf Net Bid Discussion
    4. Community Questionnaire
    5. Lighting Guideline
    6. Health Insurance Change
    7. Clubhouse Windows




  1. Committee Updates
    1. Clubhouse Committee Update –Pat Gallagher-
    2. Neighborhood Watch Update – Skip Mercer
    3. Social Committee Update- Duane Anderson



  1. Financial Report – Pat Gallagher




  1. Architectural Report-Russ Crandall


  1. Master HOA Report


  1. Old Business


  1. New Business
  2. Next Master Board Meeting date and Attendee Assignment
  3. Next Meeting: Date, Time & Location